Human Resources Management Association Branding

Myron began working with BCHRMA in the spring of 2013. The association was preparing for significant changes including an expansion of its membership into Yukon, and becoming a self-regulating profession.

Myron led the association through the complete brand evolution process. Each building block of the new brand was carefully research and developed with the future of the HR profession in mind. The name of the organization — The British Columbia Human Resources Management Association — was shortened to — HRMA —creating a more assertive and memorable position in media reports and within the business community.

The HR profession was evolving, and its obligations to protect the public interest were growing. Myron developed the tagline The Voice of the HR Profession to complement a new, contemporary icon and further assert HRMA’s position in the business community and with its membership.

A new wordmark and typographic styling created visual language to reflect its powerful, informative brand essence. A complete set of tone and manner guidelines were produced to ensure the consistency of HRMA’s new visual language.

HRMA and Myron worked together to create a video and photographic narrative for the association. The five-minute Voice Equals Value video captured HRMA members interview style, and communicated an overview of the profession, the association and the CHRP designation. Custom member photography was shot in a clean, modern setting ensuring rights of usage and authenticity in future advertising and collateral design.