“Myron” is Myron Balagno, the man who founded the company in 1971. The one-time radio announcer and public relations representative was a key member of the, then, very small advertising community in Vancouver, helping to shape its offbeat and quirky image. Avid sailor, singer, vintage car lover, and practical joker, he was well respected in both his personal and working life for his creativity and originality. It was these qualities, among others, that allowed him to build a creative agency able to stand the test of time in an ever-evolving industry. While he passed away in 2003, his philosophy of approaching work with levity and simplicity and building long-term relationships with clients are values still held fast in the company today.

What we do

We are a full-service agency delivering excellence in all aspects of advertising and design. Our clients include some of the most notable companies in BC, some of the most worthwhile non-profit organizations and some of the most spirited entrepreneurs. Our expertise rests in both traditional and non-traditional media, in mass and targeted communications Clients count on us in times of acquisition, in times of retention and even in times of crisis. Our combination of talent and experience enables us to design communications that leverage opportunity every step of the way.

Who we are

Our team of designers, writers, production staff, media buyers and account managers work together to find the perfect balance between breakthrough creativity and business acumen that will deliver results. We are innovative, yet grounded. We are inspired, yet sensible. We are imaginative, yet strategic. For over 40 years, we’ve kept pace in a constantly changing industry because we’re disciplined.

Meet the Myron Team

How we do it

We never stop thinking about our clients—their strategic priorities, revenue objectives and competitive challenges. Their mission becomes our mission. We never stop thinking about how we can develop the most effective marketing strategies, the most recognized and trusted brands, the most dynamic advertising campaigns that cut through the clutter. We never stop thinking about the importance of client relationships and the genuine collaboration and attention to detail on which those relationships are built.

Our process

Our process is based on a proven methodology and is deceptively simple—we listen to our clients, analyze their needs and collaborate closely at every stage of the creative project. The key to our success is that we remain open and flexible. Our clients always work directly with the people responsible for the project ensuring prompt action and effective communication.

analysis/research + planning/creativity + action/flexible implementation + monitoring of results = results that work